Are you that person others email or call and ask, “Do you know the name of that restaurant that’s on the corner of X and Y?” Or, “Who invented Comic Sans and why do seemingly intelligent people continue to use it?” 

If you are and you haven’t heard of “Let me Google that for you,” allow me to introduce you. The link below will take you to a web page that looks like Google’s home page. Type your question (or more accurately, the person’s question who has mistaken you for the 411 operator) in the box and click a button. The site generates a link you can send to your confused friend / co-worker. This brilliant little link will walk the recipient of your email through the process of Googling, thus creating more free time for you. AND – added bonus – it reeks of just the right amount of snarkiness. All in favor?  

Check it out for yourself.  We’ll ask something people have been wondering about for YEARS.   http://tinyurl.com/6d93rfp

I have been tempted to respond to co-workers with one of these handy little lmgtfy.com links, but so far have resisted the urge. I know someone who did and it wasn’t exactly a love-fest afterward. So be forewarned. Friends and family? Send it. Your boss? Neither I, nor lmgtfy.com can be held responsible. Proceed at your own risk. 

Thanks, Marisa, for introducing ME to this. Good thing it wasn’t during its intended use.

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