Welcome back to the bi-monthly LetsBlogOff. Hopefully, you are reading what others have to say on today’s topic: What is a Blog Off? (Basically, what does it mean to you, why do you participate, what kinds of things do you like blogging about…)

To me, LetsBlogOff is what I forget to do until the deadline is upon me, or over and done. (Much like the warranty on my car, or the 30 day return policy on anything I’ve purchased and decided I hate.)

It’s the lifeline that saves me when I’ve been beating myself up because I have been neglecting to blog and can’t come up with a topic that doesn’t make me yawn.

The Blog Off is a chance to read other bloggers’ work on a similar topic and feel inferior. (While also feeling really impressed by my counterparts who managed to Nail It, Spin It, or Dish It.)

It’s an opportunity to write about things I may not have considered before, like guilty pleasures, traditions, where ideas come from, and to compose my own obituary. (Man, I am so ticked off I missed that one.) Personally, I like the Blog Off topics I use as a spring-board to think of fun things rather than the serious, thought-provoking ones. (Which probably means I need the serious subjects, so I can actually use my brain for the purpose it was intended.)

Mainly, the Blog Off is a chance to do two of my favorite things – reading AND writing. Plus, I get to feel just a little bit closer to some talented individuals out there with similar interests.

Last, but not least, LetsBlogOff is a great way to blow your lunch hour.

Sigh. Back to work.

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  2. if you could crank out something this funny on your lunch hour, imagine what you’d do with a few more days of pondering. or, maybe you shouldn’t… if you’re like me, you’d over-think it to death. love your thought process!

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