As if this one blog I am not keeping up with very well isn’t enough, I have decided it’s time to launch another. It has long been a dream of mine…  (if not a dream, then at least a crazy idea) …to write an entertainment review blog with Sandy of “We are Not Mountain Goats” fame.

My dream is about to come true. Beginning tomorrow, Sandy and I are going to meet regularly (if not every week – then every other week) to see a movie. I’m not quite sure how we’ll compose the reviews, but we WILL compose reviews. Hopefully, in a dialogue format. Perhaps like this:

Me: I could scrape the film off my teeth and make a better movie than that.

Sandy: Ew. Gross.

Or maybe better than that.
Most definitely better than that. And longer, with more detail about the actual movie.

An added bonus – we seem to have interesting experiences in the theater. One time, Sandy sent an elbow into my ribs, then turned to me wide-eyed and angling her head to the side to direct my attention down the row to her left. I leaned forward and saw Death. Yep, The Grim Reaper. ON OUR ROW. Hooded. Shrouded. No scythe. Perhaps his day off?  (Insert Death Takes a Holiday joke here.)

Another time, which I believe I mentioned in the Oscars post, Sandy accidentally got us into a girl fight with some drunken twits that were sitting in front of us. Lesson learned: Be careful how loudly you say, “Duh'” to a drunken twit.

Now, our biggest issue is what to name this new blog. We don’t want to limit it too much to movies, because we may get really crazy and review TV shows in the future.  Or who knows what. Right now, some of our faves are:

Oh The Drama
Movie Mavens
That’s What We Said

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated, and considered. We might even give you credit.

Wish us luck! Our first movie is going to be “The Hunger Games.”


  1. I like Oh, the Drama
    Random ideas;
    In the Dark
    Life in the Dark
    Mad for the Movies
    Screen Gems (can’t believe I thought of something so campy and am sharing it)
    Can’t wait to fead the reviews! Maybe you’ll have a guest every so often? Like, me!!!

  2. Hi Ann,
    Sounds like a fantastic idea! Here are my suggestions:

    The Cutting Room
    The 22nd Row
    The Reel Thing (I know, that’s bad)
    Life, Death and Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Double Take

    Actually I think your Mom’s suggestion is spot on!
    I know your blog will be great, and I’m looking forward to it.

    • Thanks, Jo! We appreciate your confidence! I love The Cutting Room. And Life, Death and Arnold… Actually i even like the Reel Thing. I inherited the cheesy gene from Dad.

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