Today I begin the countdown to the wedding of the century. Why today? Because I’ve been back from France for over a week and I need something to live for.

Okay, maybe it’s not the wedding of the century, but it is definitely THE wedding for the month of October. My friend, the Viscountess,  a real one, mind you, is marrying a lovely British bloke. They are traveling to the states from their home in England, and the nuptials will take place around Naples, (Florida) basically. The theme? Great Gatsby, of course.

If it were just a tad cooler, I could wear a mink stole along with a long strand of pearls,(knotted), and a headband of rhinestones. Maybe an ostrich feather. Rumor has it that boas will be making an appearance. The feathered ones, not the ones you tend to find in Florida swamps. At least, I hope that’s the case. If not, I’ve read the wrong Great Gatsby.

So how is it that I’ve come to know a Viscountess? Through my late friend, Leah. Leah could always be counted on to introduce me to all sorts of things that could get me into trouble and/or be way too much fun. Or both. The vodka luge, for instance. Cosmo’s Bar. Mid-afternoon movies. Allowing her too many martinis, thus engaging the “grab your face when you’re not paying attention and give you a quick smack on the lips, Leah.” So, it just follows that she would be responsible for the Viscountess and her fiancée.

Well done, my friend.

We are very much looking forward to what promises to be a highly entertaining and moving event. A love story in our midst. An ocean, a house party, and Great Gatsby.

I feel like Walter Weinschel, ready to get the scoop on the fabulous guests.

Will other royalty attend the wedding?

Will there be drama?

Will we get tipsy and go in search of boas?

Only time will tell. And only if I get the okay to “report” from the bride and groom. They SHOULD have some say in this after all. Otherwise, I cannot be the official gossip columnist of the wedding of the month!

Meanwhile, I better book my flight or I’ll miss the whole thing.


  1. Sounds like it will be quite an event! What is the date? Don’t remember. Wonder how difficult it would be to crash the party. Ha

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