Since we did not take an international trip this year, we decided it would be great fun to load everything we own into three pods and one U Haul (twice) – by ourselves – over a period of 5 days. (Don’t even ask.) Then, send everything we own off to storage and lead a carefree, vagabond life for 2 weeks until we could move into our new house and unload our three pods and one U-Haul (twice).

The move was brutal. After just 3 days I had fantasies of slow motion walking away from the house and tossing a match over my shoulder. Like in the movies.  KaBOOM. Done.


The Move Part 2 begins (and ends) this week. Then, The Purge begins. After loading three pods and one U-Haul (twice) with our belongings, Robert and I have decided it’s time to lighten up. No more “guilt” furniture. You know what that is – the furniture your relatives give you from their houses.  When originally purchased the items were expensive and high quality. Plus, it belonged to (insert name of deceased relative.)  THAT’s how they get you. At the time, it seems like a good idea. But then, suddenly, in the harsh light of day, you have no idea what you were thinking. For goodness sake, you’re a grown up.  Can you not have a house with items you’ve picked out for yourself?

My brother managed to avoid all these hand-me-downs by having more modern taste and learning to say, “No, thank you.” You’ll find no tea carts or antique sewing machines at his house.

You’ll find TWO tea carts at my house. New rule: If I feel more excited at the prospect of setting it on fire than hauling it into the house, I’m not keeping it.

We’re talking big about unloading everything into the garage and only taking in the house what we are SURE we want to keep. It’s a good plan that may result in an empty house.

Side note – we became aware of the uncomfortable fact that we have 4 couches – and a fifth we are supposed to take from whomever is holding it for us. The key word is “supposed.”

And don’t even get me started on what’s going to happen with my clothes.


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