Warning: this post is all over the place. The impending departure has obviously produced ADD symptoms. I stop and start more times than...something that stops and starts a lot. <Fail.> Saturday: We leave soon for Paris! My guest bedroom is covered in clothing, suitcases and shoes. Robert is color coding our itinerary so I know … Continue reading AU REVOIR SANITY


This is going to be a quick post because I am way too busy freaking out on multiple levels to spend a lot of time analyzing my thoughts.  As far as I can tell, my current thoughts sound something like this, "Aaaauuurrghghhhghhhh!!"  Here's why: 1.  I have a great job that I love most of the time, … Continue reading WALES AND WHINE


There is a plot afoot to starve me to death. I can tell because usually, we HAVE food in the house. Typically, the only issue is that I get a handful of chips or crackers or what-have-you and the rest gets sucked into the gaping maws of Hubby and his partner in crime - Austin … Continue reading FEEDING FRENZY