Last weekend was the college graduation of my stepson, Derek. Much to my surprise, as the ceremony began, I teared up and thought I might even require emergency Kleenex. I definitely did some serious damage to my eyeliner and mascara. I don't know what came over me exactly. Happiness, pride, relief, years of worry... But … Continue reading THE GRADUATE


School is starting. But not for me. No more urging a sleepy teenager out of the house at 7:15 a.m. and repeating all the way to school, "What?  What? Are you talking? Are you moving your lips? Are you sure you're moving your lips?  Well, I don't think you are. Austin, enunciate! Speak. Up!!" Nope. No … Continue reading MUMBLES GOES TO SCHOOL


In two weeks, my youngest stepson is graduating from high school. I feel Jurassic. This is the kid that was 9 when his dad and I married. I amused myself with the idea of people exclaiming, "You can't possibly have a 9-year-old!" The truth was, I could easily have had a 9-year-old at that time; … Continue reading GRADUATION DAZE