Well, I'm fast approaching my fourth week out of radiation. Still have some itchy skin, and some bizarre throbbing pain every now and then that I assume is a sign of continued healing. They said the radiation would keep affecting me for 2 weeks after we actually stopped, and it did. However,  I was so anxious to … Continue reading DONE


Well, I disappeared for awhile into the cancer universe. Time flies when you're having fun! To catch up...  After a month of recovery I met with the MEDICAL oncologist and the RADIATION oncologist. The radiation oncologist told me what my surgeon had.  6 weeks of radiation. Following that, according to my MEDICAL oncologist, I start a prescription I get to … Continue reading HOW MANY ONCOLOGISTS DOES IT TAKE


Picking up sort of where I left off with the Breast Case Scenario post.   I recovered over the weekend from the lumpectomy surgery and by Thursday of the following week, I had the results. There was one little troublesome spot on the edge of the tissue margin - like so close to the edge … Continue reading ONCE MORE WITH FEELING