After a delay caused by the Rangers, I am finally taking the sleep study/lab thingy. I checked in at 9:30 PM and found a depressing room, much like the one in the previous post. Actually identical, I think. Truth in advertising! What a concept! The lab tech dude that checked me in said it will … Continue reading WIRED FOR SLEEP


Something started happening to me recently that I cannot believe I am about to discuss in public. I’m snoring.  And I don’t mean that cute little snuffle / purr that some people do.  I am apparently full feral hog these days.  Pretty, huh’?  I feel SO attractive right now. Like everyone, I will go through … Continue reading JUST CALL ME PUMBA


It's time to prepare myself. I am actually leaving the country. And amazingly, it's not because of the impending elections of 2012 and my inability to comprehend how on earth ANY of those people can be for real. I believe our political system has been hijacked by a BRAVO TV series, and the whole thing is … Continue reading WALES WATCHING