Sometimes I think the greatest invention ever was the snooze alarm. My clock is a 7 minute snooze. I understand they make 9 minute alarms, but I feel that’s just excessive. Give me 9 minutes and I’d be completely knocked out again, instead of in that semi-sleep mode with my brain slowly stretching and figuring out its to-do list for the day.

Now, while I LOVE the snooze, my husband despises it. He doesn’t understand why I can’t just set the alarm for the actual time I want to get up and then – get up. His hatred of the snooze may stem from the fact he is not getting up at the same time I do, so listening to an alarm go off four times from 6:05 – 6:33 AM is probably pretty annoying.  Just a wild guess.

Sometimes, I mess up the whole routine and accidentally hit the OFF button. Then, I have to quickly set the alarm for 7 minutes from whatever time it is – without allowing myself to wake up too much wrestling with that pesky math problem – and quickly go back to sleep. Seven minutes later, I hit the snooze again.  All is right with the world.

They say people who don’t go through a routine like mine actually wake up more cheerful and energized. I’ve spent my whole life avoiding those chirpy morning people. Why would I want to be one? No, thanks. I’ll continue hitting my snooze, mentally rummaging through my closet in hopes of saving a few minutes of wardrobe selection time and calculating whether or not I really need to wash my hair.

One thought on “THE BIG SNOOZE

  1. Love your blog! you are an excellent writer and you always crack me up. I do have to say that I am shocked to hear that you are a “snoozer.” Just get up when it goes off. :)

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