This week’s LetsBlogOff asks: What is the edge of your world?

As I considered my response, the thought that kept returning, in a nice, thick, menacing brogue was, “Beyond here, there be dragons.”

That’s what lies beyond the horizon, right? Just out of sight, lurking there…waiting…

When I look into that distance and my stomach does a little flip-flop, it’s about one thing. The next 20 years.

Recently, I started thinking about my current position and wondering how much longer I see myself doing what I do. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it. I do. I REALLY do. 

BULLETIN: (This is where I assure anyone who reads this and works with me, for me, or employs me that I love my job and have no plans of departing before they drag me out the door kicking and screaming. I am merely exploring the topic at hand. Do not send your resumes.)

I spent most of my life pursuing success. I’m ambitious. And competitive. It’s what I do. I always wanted to be considered the brightest person in the room. Still do. “The problem solver.” “The creative genius.” If that didn’t work, I’d accept “the quickest witted,” or in a pinch, “the most sarcastic.”  I once received a thank you email that said, “It is such a joy to know that any level of sarcasm need never be worried about or ruined with explanation in a dialogue with you!!”

So that’s how I pictured myself for the past 25+ years. Ambitious. Bright. On the road to success. But I look around me these days and there are a lot of very eager, very intelligent and talented people around me.  I am by far the oldest person in my “department.”  I just can’t picture myself working here with all the young’uns in another ten years. (Really, I can’t even see it for another five, but that thought makes me freak out and hyperventilate, so I’ll stick to ten.) 

What would I do after that? It’s REALLY another 20 years or so before retirement should even become an issue. (Not to mention the vast number of years required to financially make retirement a possibility.)

How would I spend that time if not here?

Why am I freaking out about working or NOT working for another 5 years, or 20 years?

What happens after?

Do I do what I always WANTED to at that point?

What DID I always want to do?

(Be Sally Rogers – writer on the Alan Brady Show?)

(Be Erma Bombeck – great American humorist?)

(Be the female Indiana Jones? But with looser fitting clothing. And less boobage.)

How DO I want to spend the next 20 years?

THAT’s the edge of my world, and every day I sail a little closer.

Beyond, there be dragons.

Big, scary, dragons.

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