Tomorrow I travel with The Duchess to attend the wedding of Amy (the Viscountess) and Dave (not titled, but we forgive him because he’s a prince of a fellow.)

Potentially making a surprise appearance at the romantic beach/Great Gatsby themed event is none other than Hurricane Sandy. This is particularly amusing/ironic because the non-hurricane Sandy, my Wales traveling companion and all around great human being, could NOT attend the wedding because of her regretful, but much appreciated (I hope) work ethic.

I think we can all agree that “work ethic” Sandy would be more welcome.

Regardless, a little wind and rain (or a lot) will not dampen (sorry) our enthusiasm for the celebration. In fact, it will no doubt be an excellent adventure and hopefully provide blog fodder for days to come.

Tomorrow evening we have a pre-party warm up at the local pub. Saturday, we rest, relax, beautify and imbibe until the evening, at which time we stroll to the beach (if it is still there), and solemnly view the ceremony. Okay, probably not too solemnly.

Afterward, it’s the reception, or as I call it, “who are these people and why do they all want a drink at the bar at the exact time I do?”

Please, please, do your anti-rain dances and regroup here in a few days for the low down. Oh, and join me in raising a glass to Amy and Dave, a couple of the loveliest people on the planet. I promise, they will toast you in return.

Regardless, at some point or another, we will ALL be toasted.


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