Have you dealt with someone recently and discovered they have absolutely NO computer common sense at all?  I'm not talking about your 60-year-old mother, I mean someone you consider a peer? I have. It's surprising in this world of Facebook, Twitter, email, iPhones, and Blackberries, but it's true - some people are just a little behind the curve. What … Continue reading OPERATOR ERROR


I either have A.D.D. or unrealistic expectations. At one point I had a mind like a steel trap. Nothing escaped me. Now, I think I’m senile. I blame technology. More specifically, email. For some reason I feel I have to respond to every request as it comes in. Instead of working on one project at a … Continue reading DISTRACTIBLE ME


There are two types of people in the world - holders and deleters. Deleters are those who read an email and then get rid of it via the delete button, or by processing it into a task or folder. Their email boxes contain a few dozen email at the most.  Holders save the email for future reference and are intimately familar with … Continue reading ON THE OUTS WITH MY INBOX