Thanks to my informant in the UK, I understand the Viscountess had a new food experience this weekend, and I’m jealous. I’m not sure if the Diamond Jubilee brought on such frivolity or what, but it was crazy. The Crisp Sandwich.

You heard me. Two pieces of bread, buttered, with a layer of, in this case, sea salt & vinegar chips. According to the responses on Facebook to the announcement, it’s not something new. I also don’t think it had anything to do with celebrating the Queen, unless they were implying she’s a crusty/salty/tart little dish. And we’re not saying that, are we?

The whole crisp sandwich idea reminds me of the scene in The Breakfast Club when Ally Sheedy pours Captain Crunch cereal on bread and smashes it all together with a few Pixie Sticks sprinkled on top.

My own personal weird sandwich recipe – the one I didn’t bring out until I’d been married well over a year – and I still tried to be secretive about it, but got busted – is a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich.

Delicious. Seriously. Hey, at least it’s a step up from my elementary school daily luncheon of mustard and white bread sandwich. Just mustard. And bread. It’s a wonder I didn’t get beaten up on a daily basis.

How about a banana & mayo sandwich? Just banana and mayonnaise. Sounds hideous to me, but Max swears by them.

I really have to give the Brits credit here for getting to the heart of the issue. I’ve heard from others today in the US who add whole or crushed chips to everything from bologna & cheese sandwiches to peanut butter. But across the pond, they cut out all that middle of the road, “I’m still eating decently because my sandwich has ‘real’ food on it,” mumbo-jumbo. They just went for it.

Bread. Potato Chips. Butter.

Carb, carb, and butter (which is actually a beverage at my house).

Bring it on! Just THINK of the other food sensations out there I haven’t even considered! Has anyone had a popcorn sandwich?

Perhaps a taste test is in order. Salt & vinegar chips, barbecue flavor, nacho cheese, and… suggestions?


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