We celebrated my maternal grandmother's 98th birthday the weekend before last. She has been in an assisted living home for... I'm not certain how many years now. Toward the end of that week, she suffered a minor heart attack and was also diagnosed with pneumonia. Not good news. I was asked by my aunt to … Continue reading 98 YEARS OF ELIZABETH


I know people are going to get tired of this, but it is that time of year again when Ann goes dark. I don't mean that I'm getting too much sun. I mean I'm getting introspective and "judgy." The second anniversary of my father's death is the 25th of July, and my friend Leah passed … Continue reading WHY WE HATE JULY


I was thinking about death recently -because that's one of the weird things I do - and I had a strange vision of my funeral. My husband had selected the music for the service, resulting in a medley involving Rush and the Foo Fighters. That's when I came up with a genius idea: Rest Assured. … Continue reading REST ASSURED


Due to the passing of a friend of mine last summer, and my father (unexpectedly - the day BEFORE my friend) I have been thinking about funerals. Not obsessively or anything, just in passing. (Oops, no pun intended.) I have attended fewer than a dozen funerals in my life, and frankly, they have been pretty … Continue reading PUTTING THE FUN IN FUNERAL