This is the conversation that took place on the day of the procedure, from the time I left the room where the wire was inserted into the lump, through the surgery prep and into the evening. I hope it is worth a chuckle or two for others.                       Somehow I left out … Continue reading TEXT EXCHANGE WITH BESTIES


Well, it's happened. My last little chick has sprouted wings (to match his cute little horns) and passed his driver's license test. Don't ask me why it took 2 years past the expected date to accomplish the task, but it did. I am not complaining about that at all, by the way. Frankly, (and you … Continue reading DRIVER ON BOARD


I was smiling blankly at my mother-in-law the other evening as she was complaining about how difficult it is to get either of her grandsons (my stepson, Austin) on the phone. Once I got past the question of why anyone would want to speak to a mostly snarky teenage boy, I had to sympathize. In … Continue reading WHAT’S THAT RINGING SOUND?